24 November 2020

Me Anne Dorthe appointed lecturer at the EPFL

Me Anne Dorthe has been appointed as a lecturer at the EPFL (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne).

As of the summer semester 2021, she will teach the course “Practical Business Law” within the College of Management, more specifically the Master in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship (MTE).

This course covers the fundamental concepts of business law from a practical perspective, including contract and corporate law, intellectual property, competition law and data protection, with a particular focus on issues specific to start-ups. It is worth 4 ECTS credits.

For more information on this course.

Me Anne Dorthe therefore takes over from Me Denis Cherpillod, who has been teaching this course since 2015 and has decided to give it up to devote himself to new projects. We are pleased that this course will continue to be taught by a partner of the firm Reymond & Associés.