The scope of activities of Rolf Ditesheim covers various areas of civil and commercial law, criminal law and administrative law.

He offers both judicial and advisory activities.

Before joining Reymond & Associés, he completed his legal internship and practiced law in a leading Lausanne law firm. He has written and defended a doctoral thesis (PhD) on corporate law, for which he received an award. He is a member of boards of trustees and directors.
Areas of expertise
Professional experience
février 2002

Bar admission (University of Lausanne)


Award of Excellence for the doctoral thesis (University of Lausanne)

2000; writing 1996-1999

Doctor of Laws (University of Lausanne)


final dissertation on intellectual property (University of Lausanne)


law degree – Master of Law (Universities of Lausanne and Berne)


Faculty of Law


Negotiation course

dès 2000

Various courses and trainings


Scientific Baccalaureate

Partner at the law firm Reymond & Associés (since 1 January 2011)

Bar practice (since February 2002)

Trainee lawyer (February 2000-February 2002)

Clerk to the Courts (besides writing the doctoral thesis)

Mandates for law firms (besides writing the doctoral thesis)

Various internships in companies (besides university studies)

Vaud Bar Association (OAV)

Swiss Bar Association (FSA)

Business Law Center of the University of Lausanne (CEDIDAC)


La représentation de la société anonyme, doctoral thesis, Stampfli, Berne 2001

Les garanties dues par le donneur de licences de brevets d’invention, master thesis, Lausanne 1996