This is a complex area in which the description of the contract, the choice of procedure or the evaluation of bids require special skills.

Our Firm assists both adjudicators and tendering companies at the tender and award stage or in legal proceedings.

Specific skills

Advice to adjudicators, successful tenderers and bidders

Our Firm assists adjudicators in all matters prior to the launch of a public contract: definition of the contract, determination of its value, applicable procedure, evaluation criteria. It also advises these entities at the stage of the bid purification phase as well as at the time of award and during the appeal procedures.

We also assist bidders (or successful bidders) in the preparation of their bids and before the courts.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Public-private partnerships must be systematically analysed from the point of view of the application of public procurement law.

Our firm has expertise in this field and will be able to advise you effectively.


  • Legal assistance to public authorities and tenderers in proceedings disputing the award of a public contract
  • Analysis of PPPs from the perspective of the application of public procurement law
  • Assistance to adjudicators in making award decisions