Not only does our approach include a careful analysis of the legal and technical issues of your case before or during a dispute, as it also extends to the strategic aspects of any legal proceedings.

We act before all civil and arbitration courts, as well as before the Federal Court.

Specific skills

Disputes before civil courts

Civil litigation includes a purely technical legal dimension, as well as negotiation and strategic aspects. Our firm has global expertise in litigation. We will effectively assist you in all civil litigation, including property matters, contractual disputes, family and inheritance law, family and inheritance law, tenancy and labour law, civil liability, unfair competition disputes, debt and bankruptcy proceedings, corporate law, recognition of foreign judgments and international civil assistance.

Seizure procedure

Seizure is an extremely effective instrument for debt recovery when there are assets to be confiscated in Switzerland such as real estate, bank accounts or receivables. The possibility of requesting a seizure exists in particular when the debt to be recovered is already subject of a final and enforceable judgment, as well as when the debtor has his domicile abroad, does not have a fixed domicile, or when it can be proved that he intends to avoid his obligations, that he makes his property disappear, flees or prepares his escape.

Seizure generally requires extremely rapid action to prevent assets that could be sequestered in Switzerland from disappearing.

Our Firm has considerable experience and will be able to assist you effectively in this matter.


The arbitration procedure is characterised in particular by its rapidity and confidentiality. It allows disputes to be resolved without resorting to the ordinary courts, whose procedures can be lengthy. The dispute, submitted to a panel of one to three experts, most often involves complex commercial disputes or sports law issues.

Switzerland is a privileged place for arbitration, since it is the seat of many chambers of commerce offering specific services and procedural rules.

Our Firm has special experience with the specificities of arbitral disputes, both as counsel and as arbitrator. Our resources will allow us to assist you in the context of these disputes by proceeding in both French and English.


  • Numerous arbitration proceedings, particularly international ones, with seat in Switzerland
  • Seizure in Switzerland against debtors domiciled abroad
  • Appointment as sole arbitrator in a commercial dispute between two companies