Public authorities must take this change into account in their planning. In addition, both cantons and municipalities are required to examine wind farm, hydropower, geothermal or photovoltaic projects in particular in the light of the ever-changing legislation. Individuals and companies are also affected by this law, which sometimes allows them to obtain subsidies for projects that save energy and use renewable energy.

Our firm is specialised in energy law and in renewable energies, in particular.

Specific skills

Public law procedures in the field of energy law

Renewable energy installation projects require various authorizations from different authorities. There are many applicable provisions. These include specific and very technical rules regarding the protection of the environment, landscape, noise, etc. Our Firm assists you both at the planning stage of the project and in the event of legal proceedings.

Advice on Cost Sharing Compensation (CPP) and Injection Compensation (IC)

Many renewable energy projects are likely to benefit from the injection compensation system (formerly known as cost-coverage compensation) designed to encourage their implementation by improving their profitability. The Firm can assist you in obtaining such subsidies, particularly from Pronovo, which issues decisions in this area.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Public-private partnerships consist in a collaboration between the public and private sectors in designing, financing, constructing, operating and maintenance and often meet in the field of energy law. For example, a municipality may make land it owns available for the construction of a renewable energy installation to be financed and operated by a private company.

PPPs are often complex instruments that require many legal, economic and fiscal parameters to be taken into account.

The Firm assists public authorities and companies in setting up such structure.


  • Assistance to public authorities and project leaders in proceedings specially related to the construction of wind farms and hydroelectric power plants
  • Assistance to companies in obtaining compensation at cost price
  • Advice on the implementation of PPPs

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