Specific skills

Work contracts and mandates

The choice of a contractor and the meticulous drafting of a contract – whether it is a general contracting agreement, a mandate, or contracts binding subcontractors – are elements that are too often neglected in the context of a construction project.

Our Firm has special expertise in drafting contracts in the construction sector, as well as in the application of SIA standards. We will be able to assist you in the early stages of your project in order to protect you from the legal risks associated with a future construction project. We can also assist you effectively in legal proceedings, particularly with regard to defects in the construction.

Legal mortgages for craftsmen and contractors

The Civil Code provides an instrument allowing, under certain conditions, craftsmen and contractors who have provided work and material on a building to obtain the registration of a legal mortgage on the building in question. Such registration must take place within four months upon completion of the work, and urgency often requires action to be taken by way of super-provisional measures. On the owners’ side, this instrument presents the risk of having to pay twice for the same service, once to the general contractor and once to the unpaid subcontractor. However, there are ways to mitigate this risk.

Our Firm advises both contractors and owners in the drafting of work contracts, as well as in the registration of legal mortgages for craftsmen and contractors.