6 December 2022

Me Anne Dorthe is the guest of the CyberEtik TV show, broadcasted on Léman Bleu TV, to talk about the new Federal Act on Data Protection

CyberEtik is a program dedicated to cybersecurity that analyses of the current state of affairs on the web, but also gives an overview of the actors working to fight against cyber attacks.

In this episode, Me Anne Dorthe answers questions from Raoul Diaz, Director and Cyber SME Advisor at the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes (FER) of Geneva. It will be broadcasted every Monday of December 2022 on Léman Bleu TV and is available under this link: CyberEtik (lemanbleu.ch)

Page of the program : Toutes les émissions de Léman Bleu en replay (lemanbleu.ch)

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