Our Firm offers appealing advice to start-up and scale-up companies at all stages of their growth. We also assist investors in the framework of financing rounds.

We maintain a strong relationship with the university ecosystem of Lausanne, which we know very well. Two of the Firm’s partners are or have been in charge of a course at the EPFL, teaching in particular the specific legal aspects linked to start-ups.

Aware of our clients’ need for budgetary predictability, we offer certain services on a flat fee basis and also provide them with certain standard documents (shareholders’ register, minutes, etc.). Contact us for more information.

Specific qualifications

Constitution and initial growth

We advise founders with regards to the choice of an appropriate legal structure, to the incorporation of the company and organizing their relationships, in particular with the establishment of the shareholders’ agreement. We advise them when the first investors come on board. At this stage, we anticipate the legal issues that may arise as the company grows.

Current contracts

We assist start-ups in the drafting and negotiation of contracts such as employment contracts, licenses or sales. We constantly keep in mind the key parameters for a start-up, in particular intellectual property protection.

We also make sure that the contracts we draft include clauses that investors wish to see during due diligence procedures.

Incentive plan – stock-options

We establish incentive plans for our clients, in particular stock option plans, share plans, and other plans (restricted stock units, phantom stocks, etc.)

Financing rounds – investment

We advise start-ups and investors regarding financing rounds at all stages of growth of the company (Seed, Series A or B, etc.), from the term sheet to the closing, including drafting investment contracts and shareholders agreements.

For the managers of start-ups, a financing round can be a challenging time. We make sure to prepare it in advance in order to avoid that legal issues become the main issues of the transaction.

For investors, we can proceed with the legal due diligence.